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Kindred Spirits Breast Cancer Support Group

LCHD is happy to partner with local breast cancer survivor and peer leader, Danielle Grady, to offer a new breast cancer support group meeting, held monthly at the health department.

The breast cancer support group, named Kindred Spirits, will host monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of each month from 6 to 8 pm. Contact Danielle Grady for meeting location.

Support groups allow individuals to talk about their experiences with others who are living with, or recovering from cancer, which may help reduce stress. Peers can share feelings and experiences that may seem too strange or too difficult to share with family and friends. The group dynamics often create a sense of belonging that helps each person feel more understood and less alone.

Support group members may also discuss practical information. This may include what to expect during treatment, how to manage side effects of treatment, how to communicate to health care providers and family members, learning about preventative measures, and healing through art, music, exercise, and mindfulness. They also promote the physical, emotional, and spiritual well being of cancer patients and survivors. Exchanging information and advice may provide a sense of control and reduce feelings of helplessness.

For More Information about Kindred Spirits:

Peer Leader, Danielle Grady
(740) 975-0277    

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