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Who are we?

SASS is a public health promotion program based out of the Licking County Health Department.


The mission of SASS is to educate Licking County residents on the importance of early detection as a key to breast cancer survival and provide those diagnosed with breast cancer the assistance to maintain and improve their quality of life.​


Why was SASS created?

In 2021, breast cancer was the 2nd highest invasive cancer in Licking County. Breast cancer also has the 3rd highest percentage of cancer deaths. As a result, the Licking County Health Department and the Public Health Partnership of Licking County partnered to develop the SASS Program to provide women in Licking County with access to and education on the importance of routine mammograms.

The program has two focuses: early screening and survivor support. SASS is Licking County’s first social service program dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer and to those affected by breast cancer. Since its founding in 2006, SASS has provided over 1,250 screening and diagnostic mammograms. The benefit of SASS is that it provides women with immediate mammograms. This decrease in wait time may result in early diagnosis, which can save a woman’s life. In addition to screening services, SASS provides information, referrals and opportunities for social support if a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.


How is SASS funded?

SASS has received tremendous community and organizational support throughout the years. The program is currently funded by support from the Public Health Partnership of Licking County, the Licking County Health Department, and numerous donations from local community groups.  


The Public Health Partnership is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization established to accept tax deductible donations from grant agencies, foundations, events, sponsors, and individuals. This funding has allowed the program to enhance its services and expand opportunities.​

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